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Founded in 1990, the goal behind the development of Bushman Insect Repellent was simple: to produce the very best repellent available. It was perhaps a no-brainer to develop Bushman in the tropics, as after all the effectivenes of the end product had to prove itself in the swamps of the Australian outback. Bushman proved to be best performing repellent in the harshest of conditions. Since these early years, Bushman has grown to become Australia's Number 1 premium insect repellent. The dedication to product efficacy, wearer comfort, & quality are the corner stones of this stalwart Australian brand.

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At The Safari Store we are proud to be the UK importer for Bushman Insect Repellent. In our constant search for great new outdoor products, we 'discovered' Bushman, of Australian outback fame. But we did not jump at stocking Bushman straight away. We did what we always do to all new products: we thoroughly researched it to find out more about why it works; and then we expedition-tested™ Bushman in the hottest, wettest, insect-mecca we could find: Zambia in December. Long story long, Bushman passed with flying colours. We guess with all that Australian heritage we should not have been surprised - and it is a privilege to bring Bushman to the UK. You can trust Bushman to protect you & your family: we do.

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