Bushman insect repellent pump spray is now available in the United Kingdom
Bushman insect repellent repels mosquitoes and midges and lasts for 5 hours

Bushman insect repellent contains DEET which repels mosquitoes, sand flies, ticks, fleas, flies, leeches, and other insects.


Features that make Bushman the top-selling premium insect repellent brand in Australia.

How many hours of protection do you get from Bushman?

Bushman Insect Repellent is popular for its long-lasting efficacy, but how long does it last on the skin? The EU and Australia have different testing methods for the length of time insect repellent works. Australia stops the clock when the first bite happens (which, in the case of Bushman, was after 8 hours). The EU stops the clock when the first insect lands on the skin (5 hours). Therefore, one can expect between 5-8 hours' protection from insect bites from the point of application.

We recommend you re-apply Bushman more regularly than every 5 hours as factors such as sweat, heat, and fabric contact can alter the required frequency of application. Pack one bottle of Bushman per week per person as part of your insect protection strategy on safari and outdoors.

Bushman insect repellent is made in Australia and is great for any outdoor and travel activities anywhere in the world


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